Achieving your Weight Loss Goals with CBD

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At birth, the Human Body is equipped with a system that produces and uses cannabinoids to balance, regulate and signal neurotransmitters that affect sleep, appetite, cellular production, nerve health, brain function, emotions, pain perception, fight or flight responses, inflammation and the immune system. That system is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). One article in the National Institute of Health archives by Bradley E. Alger Ph.D describes the process by which the ECS actively brings the body towards a balanced healthy state called homeostasis.1 A healthy body heals itself, protects itself and replenishes itself. A body existing in homeostasis is a healthy body. Our bodies produce natural cannabinoids called endocannabinoids, but we can also supplement our Endocannabinoid System with plant derived phytocannabinoids. Cannabis has more cannabinoids than any other plant on earth. Of all the cannabinoids studied so far, CBD is one of the most versatile and effective phytocannabinoids. Basic knowledge of your ECS will help you understand how CBD use regulates your body weight and will help you decide which products will work best for your individual lifestyle, scenario and preference.


Using CBD for exercise and weight loss

Bodybuilders and athletes were some of the first folks that used CBD daily to recover from workout stress on muscles and joints. Because they closely monitored their overall health and the appearance of their bodies, they began to observe and report multiple positive effects from daily CBD use beyond its ability to soothe sore joints and muscles. Athletes work closely with trainers and physicians. When the athletes began to notice that CBD was enhancing their muscle tone and allowing for easier management of their nutritional needs, the medical experts took notice. They began to do intensive research and performed studies to observe and expand the knowledge around how CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System.

Three studies catalogued in the National Institute of Health archives address three different ways in which CBD works to help an individual trim down and shape up. One study completed by Bielawiec, Harasim-Symbor and Chabowski focuses specifically on CBD and how it can aid the body in removing harmful trans fats and excess sugars.2 Hilal Ahmad Parray and Jong Won Yun confirmed that CBD can help you turn white fat into brown fat and assist your body in turning that brown fat into energy.3 Alger’s study, previously referenced in the first paragraph of this essay, shows how CBD blocks the receptors that signal hunger and control appetite. His research also provides further evidence that reduced stress from CBD will signal your body to produce less cortisol which means it will store less fat.1 These studies are a small amount of the compiled evidence that CBD can help you refine your overall health. By sticking to a daily CBD regimen you will see and feel the long term benefits emerge. Changes that come through the natural mechanisms of the body are slower to manifest but easier to maintain. Because the body takes time to grow new cells and modify existing habitual responses and because it consumes the plant cannabinoids that you put into it, a continual supply of cannabinoids is necessary to maintain the desired ECS response.

The most effective method for long term weight loss success will be getting CBD into your digestive tract on a daily basis. Even small doses of CBD daily can have substantial long term benefits on overall wellness. By putting the CBD into your digestive tract you will get a slower release resulting in longer lasting effects. The CBD will get into your bloodstream and link up to the available CB1 receptors that handle the role of metabolic functions. However, it will also hook up with the CB2 receptors in your digestive tract. These receptors play a central role in immune system activity. By getting CBD into your digestive tract the benefits are greater on your overall health beyond what they do to regulate weight and metabolism.

Does CBD Suppress appetite?

When CBD is mixed with other cannabinoids and compounds that suppress appetite and deliver energy, it is even more effective at helping you lose weight. Alpine Dispensary’s Energy and Focus CBD/CBG soft gels have added caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins to boost energy and suppress your appetite while maintaining focus. Softgels are designed to pass through the volatile conditions of the stomach and deliver the contents directly to the gut where absorption takes place. We all know that exercise and movement aid in keeping the body healthy but when your body is devoid of energy or crashing from the abuse of sugar it is hard to get started. Simply take one of our soft gels with a glass of water instead of a sugary drink or snack. The CBG interacts with the body to produce anandamide, the body’s own bliss molecule; this elevates your mood. The caffeine, taurine, and B-12 provide a steady boost of energy with minimal let down. These capsules can be a little much for caffeine sensitive people, so we have alternative choices as well. Our Noids are simply raw, unfiltered, full spectrum CBD in a soft gel. We have Full Spectrum and Isolate Gummies too; a gummy could become a daily sweet cheat and provide a double benefit. CBD coffee is also an option if you want the caffeine without the CBG, B12 and taurine. The important point here is to get a stable daily dose of CBD in your digestive tract to receive the maximum long term benefits.


In the short term CBD can help you skip a meal or help to avoid in between snacking. Instead of choosing a snack, you could hit your CBD vape pen a couple of times or use a sublingual CBD oil to rapidly calm your cravings and your nerves. By taking your attention off of the snack and refocusing your mind with a quick boost of rapidly delivered CBD, you gain the power to make a choice. The calming effects of CBD ward off the edginess of hunger in addition to suppressing the appetite. Taking a soft gel, gummy, or dose of oil in the morning is good but losing weight is also about winning the small battles everyday. When the cravings hit, CBD can come to the rescue in many different forms, all of which deliver CBD to the brain immediately and signal your body to forget about eating. Since you already have CBD in your digestive tract even a small amount of rapidly delivered CBD to your brain can give a boost and have greater effects in less time than it normally would.

CBD flower is yet another way for you to ward off cravings or to help temper emotional and stress related eating challenges. CBD flower can be consumed many ways. The most common method of raw flower consumption is smoking it or vaporizing it. Simply take a few tokes and get on about your business instead of diving head first into the fridge every time you walk by it. The key with the flower is that you get a large amount of CBD in a short period of time. If it seems counterintuitive to smoke when concerned about health then there are other ways that you can use CBD flower. You can mix it with teas or other herbal blends to create specific remedies for your situation. When using or making a tea with CBD Hemp flower you get the benefit of the terpenes from individual strains and the CBD. A sativa strain like Tangie mixed with green or ginseng tea will get you moving and curb your appetite. Skip your midnight snack and have some dandelion tea with the sedative indica, like Juicy Fruit, and go straight to bed.



When evaluating your personal experience with CBD and weight loss, it is important that you consider the short term and long term results. Replacing a meal with CBD is a small victory. Using CBD to help focus your body and mind to eliminate unwanted pounds and achieve a healthy lifestyle is a long journey. CBD can help you all day and all night, but it is up to you to make the choice and take the time to find out which methods work best in your body. We all know how difficult it is to shed pounds and keep them off. It takes commitment and it is something that once achieved must be maintained. Think of how good it will feel to look back at six months worth of small victories and see the cumulative results, both psychological and physical. The hardest work is rarely the most glorious or visible. There will always be obstacles. Alpine Dispensary’s BudTenders are available seven days a week by telephone, email, or in person at both our Helen, GA locations to assist you with our products and deliver information that will give you the maximum chance at overcoming these obstacles.

J.C. Dyer
Mojo Coordinator at Alpine Dispensary

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