Alpine Dispensary X Esports Zone Media: Call Of Duty Vanguard LAN

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Alpine Dispensary x Esports Zone Media: Call of Duty Vanguard LAN

Alpine Dispensary understands innovation and adaptation are two fundamental principles of business and life. Censorship on cannabis advertising creates unique challenges that force cannabis related businesses to reach beyond the mainstream to spread our message: Cannabis Helps! Alpine Dispensary is proud to announce that we have teamed up with yet another innovative sports organization, Esports Zone Media. Alpine Dispensary and Esports Zone Media are hosting the first LAN tournament for Call of Duty: Vanguard. The event will be at the LevelUp Arena in Overland Park, Kansas on December 4th, and 5th, 2021. Tune in to the livestream via the Esports Zone Media page at, or take a road trip to join us in person.

20 years ago, “Gamers” were a marginalized fringe group of weird nerds. Especially, the Gen Xers in their twenties that had refused to relinquish the grip on the controllers and focus on adult hobbies like golf, social events, drinking out in public, corporate careers, and self-care. At a glance people would dismiss these blasted “Gamers” as overgrown kids slowly dying in their parent’s basements, lost in the dark, hypnotized by the screens, nocturnal zombies living on Mountain Dew and Cheeto powershakes. Gamer was a term synonymous with lazy, unambitious, socially inept, or even worse in some cases. Amid all the social backlash and lack of faith from the mainstream, the pioneers in the early days of competitive gaming saw what could be and didnt let the doubters deter them from developing what is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry today. 

Esports is taking over the world. Organizations (orgs) like FaZe Clan, OpTic, Complexity, Space Station Gaming, NRG, and G2 are renowned for their successes across multiple games; while brands like 100 Thieves have transcended the gaming market and solidified themselves in the fashion scene. Tens of thousands flock to sold out arenas to watch World Finals while hundreds of thousands more stream the events on their laptops, phones, or consoles. The best gamers in the world compete for prize pools upwards of $5 Million in some cases creating levels of suspense and drama that you simply won’t get from binge watching sitcoms. Competitive leagues for games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch are franchised in the same way as the NBA or MLB. Professional gamers like Faker, Scump, GarrettG, n0tail, and s1mple are known to dominate their competition, garnering worldwide recognition for their achievements, as well as their personalities. Streamers like NickMercs, amustycow, Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, and Ludwig have given entertainment a more personal feel gaining fame and wealth beyond what anyone could have predicted 10 years ago, much less 20. The professionals who make a career out of playing video games are certainly not to be disrespected because all they do is play a game”. These players put in work to get where they are. Practicing, playing, scrimming, drilling for 6, 10, sometimes more than 12 hours a day to breach skill gaps and reach the ranks of the worlds elite. These long grueling hours of practice leave players emotionally and physically drained. Cannabis Helps! 

Unique controller grips like the ‘Claw’ technique create serious distress on the hands and wrists resulting in chronic pain and discomfort. Our CBD/D8 Salve offers quick, long-lasting relief for this exact ailment. Competitive eSports athletes cannot afford for their training regimen to be interrupted from fatigue. With our salve, that won’t happen. Mental fatigue and stress also take their toll, crippling the will of players to persevere through long hours of practice and competition. Alpine Dispensary’s CBD/CBG Energy & Focus soft gels provide all the fuel you need without giving you the jitters, tilts, or wah wahs. Cannabis slays stress. CBD and D8 flower can provide instant relief, gummies and capsules stretch it out over time. We offer a multitude of options to relieve your stress without ruining your productivity and attention span.

At Alpine Dispensary, we arent afraid of showing our admiration of and support for professionals that work in industries that are marginalized. In fact, we identify with the sociological struggle endured by ‘Gamers’ on their path to greatness. Alpine Dispensary and Esports Zone are extremely proud to partner and put on the first Call of Duty: Vanguard LAN tournament. This LAN is the first in-person tournament for the new CoD title launched November 5th. The LAN will also feature a 4v4 tournament for HALO: Infinite. While this is Alpine Dispensary’s first venture into the eSports space, it certainly won’t be the last. Alpine Dispensary knows our products can benefit the gaming community and gamers. Reach out to us online or at one of our two locations in Helen, Ga to learn more about how we can provide you with a competitive edge.

Austin Trusty, Multimedia Marketing Manager


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