CBD and Pet Anxiety

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Many pet owners are looking for a natural way to decrease their pet’s day to day anxiety, behavioral issues and aid with sleep or situationally to alleviate their pets’ anxiety related to crowds, fireworks, loud music and other holiday stressors for animals. No pet owner wants to see their pet suffering with anxiety and their stress can lead to negative behaviors like tearing things up, barking or running off to hide. In recent years, CBD has gained popularity in helping our fur babies with many stress related issues. CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid that helps the body maintain homeostasis. When a dog hears loud noises or sees bright lights, it can trigger adrenaline and send them into a panic. CBD can assist the metabolism of stress hormones that cause dogs to panic and misbehave or even run away and promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. 

All animals have an endocannabinoid system that communicates with the nervous system, immune system and aids in overall homeostasis.(1) Research has shown that dogs respond well to CBD and that it doesn’t have the negative side effects that THC can have on dogs.(2) Not only has CBD shown promise in alleviating anxiety in animals, but there is research that shows it is helpful for arthritis (3), itchiness, cancer and behavior. Hemp is promising as a natural alternative to medications commonly prescribed to animals that have negative side effects. Trazodone is the most commonly prescribed for canine anxiety but has negative side effects such as nausea, increased appetite, aggression and inflammation of the colon. CBD has been reported to reduce symptoms such as these in animals.(4)

Because the endocannabinoid system plays such a crucial role in regulating all the metabolic processes of the body, supplementing with full spectrum hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC can be a wonderful nervous system support for pets. Although there are no conclusive scientific studies on CBD and anxiety for animals as of now, many pet owners have found great relief for their anxious pets with CBD and it has been tested for safety for animals. In a clinical trial, CBD was just as safe as the placebo and significantly more safe than high THC oil.(5) We offer a product at Alpine Dispensary called Doobie Snacks, a 5 mg CBD cheese flavored treat that many people swear by for their dog’s anxiety. One review from our website says, “These are amazing for my 11 year old lab! We give them to him, when we have thunder, lightning, fireworks, before he goes to the groomer or vet, etc. They are great at relaxing him and reducing anxiety.” Another review on the Doobie Snacks says, “My 60lb dog relaxes in a thunderstorm after two of these treats. Highly recommend them.” 

We also have a new product we recently released, a full spectrum CBD oil suspended in coconut oil and rotisserie chicken flavoring called Doobie Drops. These are great for dogs that are pickier about taste because the oil can be mixed into wet food or peanut butter. This is also a good option if you have a bigger dog who needs a higher dose of CBD. We provide a dosing card with every purchase of pet CBD drops to suggest a good starting dose based on your pets body weight. The dosage can be adjusted for their size and symptom severity. When administering CBD before a stressful event, plan to give your fur baby CBD one hour beforehand so it has time to take effect. 

Many people start giving these products to their pets to help with their anxiety or arthritic pain, and find over time their dog behaves better, itches less or just seems overall happier. Whether you use CBD situationally for fireworks or every day to manage chronic anxiety, it’s a wonderful tool to have on hand that can increase your pet’s comfort and increase their overall quality of life. Call us, visit online or in store at Alpine Dispensary in Helen to talk to one of our knowledgeable budtenders about CBD for your pets. 


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