The latest buzz in the Cannabis community revolves around THC-Delta8. Only trace amounts of THC-Delta 8 occur naturally in plants, because of this it has to be synthesized in laboratories. Other cannabinoids have similar medicinal properties to THC Delta 8 and are more abundant; therefore, THC Delta 8 has remained relatively unknown. This information begs the question, why now? The short answer, the buzz.

When Alpine Dispensary’s CEO first discovered a lab capable of producing THC-∆8 from hemp, I decided that field testing was going to be necessary. My first exposure to THC-∆8 came in the form of a lab tested vape cartridge. After a few puffs of the cannabis terpene infused clear distillate, I was definitely feeling high. It is different from the traditional cannabis buzz; however, it is a buzz. Unlike a normal cannabis high, THC-Delta 8 was anxiety free for me and did not cause a loss of focus. Personally, I felt energized, uplifted, clear headed, pain and worry free. I noticed a blue hue around the street lights and then my eyelids dropped into the assumed position one would expect right before the cotton mouth kicked in. I was officially stoned. Overjoyed, I was finally able to get a legal buzz off of hemp derived cannabis without feeling like a sneaky criminal. After that first experience, I felt compelled to look deeper into Delta 8 THC. I found out the benefits of THC Delta 8 go well beyond the recreational effects.

Laboratory studies performed over the course of time revealed the antiemetic, analgesic, anxiolytic, and neuroprotective benefits of THC Delta 8 as catalogued by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (1). THC-∆8’s antiemetic properties can provide relief for nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. It’s analgesic properties work as a pain reliever and reduce inflammation. THC-∆8’s anxiolytic psychoactive compounds can reduce anxiety and ward off panic attacks. It’s neuroprotective properties protect nerve cells in our parasympathetic nervous system, specifically around our joints. THC-∆8 does this specifically by raising acetylcholine production in the body (2). Acetycholine is a neurotransmitter that helps activate muscles and protect nerve cells. All of these attributes signify a powerful cannabinoid, with great medical potential in the relief of many ailments, both mental and physical. When legal, medical cannabis was sanctioned by the state of California in the early 1990s, further study of the benefits of Delta-8 THC were undertaken. One particular group of physicians drove the research and found overwhelming evidence that Delta 8 THC could benefit chemotherapy recipients.

In 1995, THC-Delta 8 regained attention for its antiemetic properties. Research doctors were looking for a substance that would help children overcome the nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. Dr. Ralph Mechoulam states: “In summary, the complete success in preventing vomiting due to antineoplastic treatment in children, and the essential lack of side effects, leads us to believe that THC-∆8 at a dose considerably higher than doses of THC-Delta 9 usually administered to adults, can serve as a new, inexpensive antiemetic agent in pediatric cancer chemotherapy.” (3) The research showed improvement in 100 percent of the children in the trial. Not only did they stop vomiting, but they were able to consume food. It was also observed that the children had an increase in energy and relief from aches and pains and the general malaise of chemotherapy treatments. Encouraged by the results of their initial studies, Mechoulam, Sarna, and Webster developed and patented a method of fractional distillation used to convert CBD from hemp into Delta 8 THC(4). This innovation in 2005 allowed for the laboratory production of THC Delta-8 and 15 years later legally available, commercially synthesized, hemp derived, THC Delta 8 products right here at Alpine Dispensary.

Alpine Dispensary is fired up about our new line of hemp derived Delta 8 THC products. THC Delta 8 is the middle path. THC Delta 8 relieves pain, depression, anxiety and provides an easily navigable buzz at the same time. In the near future, we will release our new line of CBD hemp-derived THC Delta 8 vape cartridges and sublingual drops.

Right now, we have CBD hemp derived THC-Delta 8 gummies available for sale. Each gummy is a powerful 22mg of THC-Delta 8. You can pick up a few packs to make your days and nights a little easier at either of our locations in Helen, GA. If time is of the essence or travel a trial, place your order online at Free shipping on orders over $50.00.

-J.C. Dyer, Mojo Coordinator at Alpine Dispensary

Reviewed by CEO Josh Garrison

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