#Higher: The Quest Continues

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a preliminary report on the effects of vaping minor cannabinoids

Alpine Dispensary threw another R & D party to pass out carts filled with rare cannabinoids last month. This time we wanted to include more people and let everybody enjoy them in the comfortable environment of their choice and report back to us. The end game of all this hard work is to find the right blend of rare cannabinoids and the perfect carrier to maximize the effects. By exploring and figuring out what each of these minor cannabinoids do individually, the research laboratory can then stack them up for specific results. When our friends get something good, they send it over for us to try. They are using legal cannabinoids extracted straight from the hemp plant with beyond pharmaceutical-grade equipment and monitoring. We’ve been ingesting these cannabinoids unknowingly anytime we’ve consumed Cannabis; the difference here is that we are using concentrated amounts in a vape cartridge for rapid effects to see what happens quickly and be able to ease into the effects with microgram doses. There is no THC ∆9 in any of these extractions because they are taken from precursory molecules in the plant long before the budding process begins. All extracted cannabinoids are measured and verified by a mass spectrometer. This instrument allows the laboratory to identify compounds by mass spectra as well as molecular weight.

I’m not a chemist, and I’m not a doctor; I’m coming into all of this as a cannabis user, grower, and enthusiast that has a unique ability to interpret what goes on in my body based on years of cannabis consumption. No clinical trials or studies have occurred on these new cannabinoids, there are no points of reference, and few people beyond our friends, family and the chemist have tried them. With THCP and CBDP, I had the findings of the Italian research team that extracted it, the laboratory we work with, and 100 bloggers to help me interpret what that one paper meant. Even that turns into a rabbit hole; THCP represents an entire family of cannabinoids—CBDP, CBNP, CBCP, CBGP, etc… When we are talking about discovering one new cannabinoid, it is not just one cannabinoid; it’s an entire family of cannabinoids.

I feel like acronyms are bombarding my lungs in a particle accelerator. Each of these compounds will have unique effects, and it will take a long time to figure out exactly what they are. Some will be psychoactive, and some will not. I’m searching for something to compare to these new experiences. It’s hard enough to describe what it feels like to smoke a regular old joint, much less divine, the entire neurochemical process my ECS is putting me through. I’m still here, and I’ve had no negative side effects other than a few bouts of paranoia and some mild hallucinations when I overindulged. Both of those side effects can happen with other cannabinoids as well. Currently, we are testing variations with five new cannabinoids and still experimenting with THCP.

The chemist set the cartridges up so we could try them against the potential carriers. In this case, we’ve been searching for the perfect cannabinoid to serve as a carrier substance instead of using something benign. Our goal here is to find a carrier substance that is extracted directly from the hemp plant. The carrier we want will work symbiotically with the minor cannabinoids and provide that same sense of decompression and relief you get from THC ∆9. The first prototype of the #Higher cart that we gave away at the party features three minor cannabinoids at levels of ten mg each, THCJD, THCH, and THCP. The remainder of the cart is another minor cannabinoid from the ‘P’ family, CBCP, and then a little bit of natural piña colada flavor.

CBCP is a stronger form of the cannabinoid CBC, cannabichromene. CBC is one of the cannabinoids that indirectly affect the ECS through TRP channels. Research has shown that it is a mood booster and anti-inflammatory. TRP channels are involved in the wake and sleep cycle as well. That is why some speculate that CBC could be the Nootropic cannabinoid. The more powerful “P” form of CBC is believed to create an even stronger response. We realized here that the CBCP canceled out most of the psychoactive effects from THCH, THCP, and THCJD. I felt charged and hyper-attentive like I do with a Sativa. This cart awakened my mind and enhanced my senses. I felt calm and balanced. I did not feel intoxicated but hyperaware. The perceptual and physical shift was greater than with THCP alone, but I still did not get the initial punch I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, CBCP has a place in the cannacopoeia; I don’t think it is best used as a vape cartridge carrier unless you are creating the perfect cartridge for sports, test-taking, or extreme physical exertion or labor. Other products designed to enhance memory and cognition would be better suited for the potentially super nootropic CBCP. The majority of the time, people use products like vapes to get relief instantly. We want our cart to meet those expectations.

The second cart that I received was not handed out to everyone. The lab only brought a few of them down, and we will not have these available for sale. These carts contain 33.3% THCJD, 55% THCH, and 1% THCP. We called this cart ‘Extreme’ so that we could discuss it easier. All of the acronyms are a mouthful. THCJD doesn’t have an expanded name. The chemist named it after me by using my initials. If that is the only fifteen minutes I get, I’ll take it and be eternally grateful. THCJD is responsible for the long-lasting body high. THCP, tetrahydrocannibiphorol, elongates the effects of all other cannabinoids and provides a steady head high. THCH, tetrahydrocannabihexol, is a fairly strong psychoactive in its own right. THCH is the first cannabinoid to provide effects; it comes on quickly and wears off after about an hour and a half. With THCP and THCJD, the effects take nearly an hour and a half to reach maximum and stay at that level for a while. By stacking these minor cannabinoids based on their decay and release times, we hope to create a cart that keeps on giving for hours. The advantage of having a cartridge with only the minor cannabinoids is being able to test it against other carriers without having to reformulate constantly.

Over the past couple of weeks, I received two more carts to test containing only the potential carrier cannabinoids HHC and HHCA. They are minor precursory cannabinoids like the others; in the natural chemical transformations of the plant, they are intermediates. An intermediate in a chemical reaction is a compound that forms as a part of a process that disappears before the process is completed. If you can stop the process at a specific time, then the intermediate becomes a product. HHC, hexahydrocannabinol, is becoming popular as a potential replacement for THC ∆8 and is already for sale in most states where THC ∆8 is legal. HHC has psychoactive effects that are slightly more powerful than THC ∆8 but not quite like THC ∆9. HHCA, hexahydrocannabinol acetate, is a stronger form of HHC.

HHCA is one step further through the molecular evolution of the hemp plant as it grows. After consuming both cannabinoids, HHCA is closer to the relief and decompression that I feel from THC ∆9. When mixed with the minor cannabinoids, I get the extra punch I’ve been looking for. HHCA is the clear winner, and now we have to figure out the perfect level of minor cannabinoids to put in it. The Extreme cart that I have is at much greater concentrations than necessary to feel their effects. Because some of the release and decay times or the trajectory is long and continually strengthening, I only need to hit the Extreme cartridge one time and then layer other potential carrier cannabinoids over the top of it one toke at a time. I can feel any perceptual shifts and variations from my control state and determine if I’m getting stoned or high. The cannabinoids create a layered effect that moves through different stages; I’m also looking for these changes.

I want to emphasize; I am only testing these cartridges for what psychoactive effects I perceive. I’m not doing some formal research here or making medical claims or recommendations. This is about what ‘I’ feel. I am simply describing my experience and telling the story. The chemist and research laboratory behind us are entering a whole new level of cannabis research, and I feel privileged to have this opportunity to experience these rare cannabinoids. I have witnessed firsthand the great care the laboratory takes in manufacturing these products. We’ve decided to develop products that use these cannabinoids and sell them now because we can. It’s that simple. We want to get them out there so that people can choose for themselves. At this point, after a summer of ingesting these rare cannabinoids, I feel like I’ve settled into the deepest, most comfortable groove of my life. Synchronicity abounds. I feel no separation between my constituent parts. I have to admit that this is as close as I’ve ever felt to being at one with the Universe. Now my summer hasn’t been perfect, weaving through all of these variant states of consciousness, but the way it feels right now, the Autumn might be. Visit us in Alpine Helen, Georgia, for the latest information on all of our new and innovative products; as the seasons change, so do we.

J. C. Dyer, Mojo Coordinator

Article Written By:

J.C. Dyer

Mojo Coordinator

"Early in my working life, I joked with some people that one day I would make Mojo Coordinator an officially recognized job title. What does a Mojo Coordinator do? I stealthily and silently use my vision, intuition, diverse skillset and enhanced sensory perception to observe and facilitate seamless workflow, communication, productivity, efficiency and camaraderie."


  1. William

    I really appreciate this experience as I just recently sourced some HHCA from a trusted laboratory and the literature on HHCA and THCJD is pretty rare, and I appreciate all that you shared. These rare cannabinoids are on the cutting edge of science and are completely fascinating!

    Cheers and all the best. Hoping to hear more about your experiences along your journey.

    • Jason Dyer

      Thank you William for taking the time to read the blog and comment. HHCA feels good, no doubt about it, I’m looking forward to our new carts. Stay tuned for the next couple of blogs. I’ve been using our THCP sublinguals and THCP or CBDP transdermal spray. Currently, I’m looking into CBD and what receptors that it does bind to for clues about how CBDP works. Anecdotal evidence so far suggests some game changing properties. I would be interested to hear about your experience with HHCA as well. What I’ve noticed with the THCJD is a good, long lasting body high when I put it in the mix. I have not tried THCJD in isolated form.

  2. Christian Scott

    I bought the HHCA cartridge and it is very synergetic with d9, and on it’s on I definitely felt some type of way, almost like things were moving quicker, nothing I couldn’t handle, but I’m curious if HHCA is active in edible form


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