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Most Effective ways to use CBD

How CBD, Cannabidiol, affects an individual is relative to the way that the CBD is ingested or in the case of a topical, applied. When using CBD it is useful to consider your needs and then decide what uptake method suits your relative condition. The most common method of consuming Cannabis is smoking or vaping. For people that don’t want to smoke or vape, many other options are available. Sublinguals are applied under the tongue and enter the blood stream through capillaries in the mouth. Capsules and edibles uniquely target digestive disorders and aid in the uptake of nutrients. People with skin conditions, muscle and joint pain, or external injuries can apply topicals like our salve right on the afflicted area. Topicals, surprisingly enough, may help just as fast as smoking because of the unique way in which CBD links up with your endocanabinnoid receptors just under the skin. It may take some experimentation to find which delivery system, or combination thereof, maximizes relief for you.


Sublingual drops, aka tinctures, are applied under the tongue and absorbed through blood vessels rapidly. Holding the drops in under your tongue allows for more CBD to enter the bloodstream. This method provides relief within twenty minutes in most cases. How fast the CBD is absorbed and the percentage of CBD absorbed are relative to the carrier substance 2(IJPPS).

Drops are one of the most popular ways to consume CBD because of the rapid distribution of CBD in the bloodstream and the flexibility of dosing. Some days are worse than others, on those days or in those hours you can take a few extra drops to increase your average daily dose.

Sublingual sprays are gaining popularity as well. You simply raise up your tongue and squirt it in your mouth. The CBD is absorbed just like the drops. Sprays are convenient, discrete and easily used. The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to administer larger dosages through a spray because the liquid has to be thinned down to pass through the spritzer.


CBD infused edibles deliver CBD to the bloodstream via the digestive tract and the liver. It takes longer for the CBD to affect your body but a slower absorption into your system means that it will also affect more of your bodies processes for longer 4(AJTR). This slower absorption is ideal in the digestive tract because it allows the CBD to spread out through the system and treat conditions on the inside of the body in a manner similar to the way CBD works topically on the outside of the body, a Goldilock’s scenario for people with digestive disorders. Plus you get the benefits of CBD making it into the blood stream via the liver so that it can reach other areas of the body. This prolonged exposure to the CBD molecule and other terpenes, in the case of our full spectrum product allows for more of the CBD to be absorbed instead of passing straight through the digestive tract. Additional benefits of CBD in the digestive tract, is that it helps in the uptake of other nutrients like sugars and proteins by increasing cell permeability 1(MDPI).

Capsules, like our Noids, gummies and, chocolates are the most common types of edibles. Cannabinoids are fat soluble and can be captured by slowly heating flower in oil or butter and then filtering out the plant parts. By using the raw flower to make edibles most of the other amino acids, vitamins, flavonoids, anti-oxidants and terpenes are captured as well. An edible made from raw flower or other extracts like kief or wax is considered to be a full spectrum product. Edibles and beverages, like our coffee are made from CBD Isolate (nearly pure CBD in powdered form). Our isolate products are available for people that need to stay away from THC in any quantity, like children and people concerned with drug testing. Edibles made from isolate are just as effective, what is lost by not having the aid of the other terpenes and minor cannabinoids is made up for because Alpine Dispensary’s isolates are water soluble and the body absorbs them quicker.



CBD is found in many different topical products from roll ons, pain salves, shampoos, hand lotion, make-up, etc. Because we have Endocannabinoid receptors throughout our peripheral nervous system, cannabinoids like CBD can bypass the bloodstream and stimulate processes in nerve cells that reduce inflammation and pain on the spot 3(MDPI). As in the case with edibles and sublingual drops the carrier substance is important. Since the CBD is oil soluble our salves are formulated with MCT (pharmaceutical grade coconut oil), and a raw, full spectrum hemp extract. Not only do our products give you the beneficial vitamins, omega acids and proteins from the whole cannabis plant, we get the terpenes and the cannabinoids too. Specific oils can aid CBD in penetrating the skin and reaching the affected areas. Shampoos, conditioners, and make up will more than likely be made from water soluble isolates.

When CBD is used in combination with terpenes and medicinal oils, a wide range of conditions can be addressed beyond pain and inflammation. A lot of terpenes are antiseptic, anti bacterial, anti fungal, and antimicrobial. Massage oils like arnica and coconut oil can help CBD spread through membranes so that the CBD can make contact with damaged nerves in muscle and skin tissue. The other vitamins and proteins in addition to the CBD help repair any damaged skin cells as they heal. This helps to reduce scarring and to build stronger muscle, skin, and nerve fiber 3(MDPI).


Smoking or Vaping CBD rich cannabis is the fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream and probably requires the least amount of explanation because we are so familiar with smoking cannabis. Oftentimes, it is the most effective treatment for severe pain, sleep, anxiety or nausea issues because it usually provides relief in less than five minutes and delivers a huge amount of CBD at once. The cannabinoids go straight into the blood stream and travel throughout the body in just a few short heart beats of time. There are negative associations with smoking and lung health. Some people believe the positive aspects of inhaling cannabis out weigh the bad. Vaping is viewed as safer because lower temperatures are used to boil the cannabinoids and terpenes out of oils or flower. Dry herb vaporizer technology, like Alpine Dispensary’s Penguin 2.0, boil the terpenes and cannabinoids from the flower and produce no smoke or tar but allow you to get even more from your favorite strain. There are many different methods of consuming concentrated oils or waxes like our chemical free vape pens with our pure cannabis wax cartridges. Products that look like regular inhalers and nebulizers are also appearing for a cooler delivery of pre decarboxylated cannabinoids and terpenes.

Please keep up with us at Alpine Dispensary. We offer CBD rich cannabis in all forms and will continue to seek new products with specific applications to benefit our customers. All of our products are third party lab tested and do not require a prescription. Come see us and our CCBT Budtenders to learn more about the many different ways that Cannabis can benefit your mind, body, and soul.

J.C. Dyer, Mojo Coordinator at Alpine Dispensary

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