200mg Delta-8 Chocolate Bar: Dark Belgian Chocolate Tiramisu

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Our 200mg Dark Tiramisu Belgian chocolate is a decadent desert made without dairy or gluten products. Take yourself to a lovely Italian street café with this Tiramisu dark chocolate, coffee with a hint of spice – it’s a new favorite!


Delta8 is a hemp derived extract that can be intoxicating to some users. It is important to start slow and be mindful when taking delta8 products. Each piece of this chocolate bar is approximately 13.3mg of delta8. We suggest starting with half of a piece and waiting 4 hours before increasing or changing dosage.

Ingredients: Fair trade belgian dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), natural vanilla flavor), hemp extract, natural flavoring.
Allergens: Contains soy. Made on shared equipment with milk products.

Instructions: Start with one half of a section to see how product affects you. Do not take more than 2 pieces in 24 hours. Each piece contains 13.3mg of delta8.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy. Delta-8 is intoxicating, use this product at your own risk. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. Consult a physician before using this product. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions.


Warm Weather Disclaimer: Alpine Dispensary is not responsible for melting or other damage caused by heat exposure during shipping. Most products are fine and will not melt in transit. However, some types of product such as Gummies and chocolates can melt in the warm weather. We can’t guarantee our heat-sensitive products will arrive in perfect shape – but we will do our best to insure they do. Here is how you can help: Be present for delivery and have someone available to accept the package so it doesn’t sit outside in the heat. If the box feels warm, open it immediately to expose the product to the cooler air. Also, give the product a chance to firm up again before handling further. Please keep in mind, we do not accept returns or provide refunds for a melted product due to warm weather. If you are concerned about the possibilities of receiving a heat-sensitive product, and it being melted, we encourage you to order a different product.

10 reviews for 200mg Delta-8 Chocolate Bar: Dark Belgian Chocolate Tiramisu

  1. Meggan (verified owner)

    Love this chocolate! Not only is it delicious (without the typical, rubbed in an ashtray taste) but we thoroughly enjoyed the fun, giggly atmosphere that it promoted. Will definitely be enjoying it again!

  2. Del (verified owner)

    Awesome product, as a chocolate lover, truly enjoy. Shipping response is exceptional, have ordered three times, better than Amazon and that’s saying something.

  3. Eli (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical about Delta 8 at first, as I was only familiar with Delta 9. After doing a little research and talking with the staff at Alpine, I decided to try one of these chocolate bars, and I definitely was not disappointed! It tastes great and provides a fun, mellow, prolonged sensation. Def would recommend.

  4. Julie Bruce (verified owner)

    I’ve had all available flavors of this product and in fact just ate a piece of this dark chocolate bar about an hour ago so I feel fantastic! I don’t know if I get tiramisu flavors from this. To me a tiramisu has a coffee taste and I didn’t get that but it does taste like dark chocolate. Besides that it takes very little of this product to produce a desirable calming effect. One square is literally enough for an entire night. For that reason it’s also a good value. I hope they continue to make these and create new flavors!

  5. SB (verified owner)

    It’s not my favorite flavor but it got the job done and then some.

  6. Bob (verified owner)

    Delicious dark chocolate, and good effects. Would recommend trying and I will definitely get another one on my next order

  7. Katiee (verified owner)

    I loooove this chocolate. It tastes amazing and truly helps with my anxiety and stress relief. I buy about one bar a month and will continue to do so! Love love love.

  8. MD (verified owner)

    I love these. I take half a rectangle for the daytime and it’s perfect. It gives me a nice relaxed, even feel.

  9. dee parks (verified owner)

    Definitely don’t order during the summer.. shows up completely melted — BUT… I was able to stick in the freezer and make it solid again. It taste delicious!!! Very relaxing too.

  10. Wendy Flournoy (verified owner)

    Love this product! I have trouble sleeping and I am now able to sleep because this product helps me relax enough to fall asleep. It also tastes great. Ordering is breeze and shipping is fast! Have and will definitely buy again!

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