“Higher” Dab Syringe – HHCa, THCjd, THCh, THCp, HHC

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Alpine Dispensary’s new “Higher” syringes are named that for a reason… they get you higher. We chose HHCa as the carrier for it’s instant results. This intermediary compound hits quick and carries the effects for about the first hour. Then the minor cannabinoids THCjd, THCh, THCp, and HHC kick in to continue the ride. Try each of the three delicious flavors for an experience we call “Higher”

Recommended for use with LINX EMBER DAB VAPE PEN

USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION: The effects of this syringe will vary by person and could last for days. Evidence suggests the Higher syringe has up to 300 times the binding affinity for the CB1 receptor as THC∆9 and 30x the potency. Alpine Dispensary’s 

Federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.


Get Familiar With Rare Cannabinoids:

HHCa– Carrier, Quick Onset High, Energetic

THCh- 10x Pain Relief, Happy

THCp– 60x Long Lasting Enhancements

THCjd– 20x Relaxing

HHC– Antitumor

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Mango OG, Cupcake, Lemon Diesel

5 reviews for “Higher” Dab Syringe – HHCa, THCjd, THCh, THCp, HHC

  1. Deb (verified owner)

    Very convenient with a nice mellow effect

  2. Charles (verified owner)

    Awesome product lasts a long time

  3. Joe

    I was high for 8 days

  4. Brian Chattin (verified owner)

    Good high, very calming. Was hoping it would last days like other review stated but was just relaxed for the day.

  5. RCN (verified owner)

    amazing product. smooth, calming, mellow.

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