Revive: CBDP Transdermal Spray

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Alpine Dispensary’s Revive CBDP transdermal spray blends the latest cannabis science with tried and true application methodology. Cannabidiphorol (CBDP) will have binding affinity at the same receptor sites as CBD. However, CBDP will have stronger binding affinity than CBD because of the longer alkyl side chain that wraps up the receptor and holds on. Revive CBDP spray is CBD that you can feel. Think about all of the things CBD does for you. CBDP will do it better and longer. The DMSO takes the CBDP directly into the bloodstream for maximum bioavailability.

1.2mg per 1ml Serving
0.00% Delta-9 THC
0.3oz / 10ml


Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Aloe Vera, Hemp seed oil, Capric/Caprylic Triglycerides, Eucalyptus Oil, DMSO, Hemp derived CBDP through ultrasonic immersion, a proprietary blend of natural essential oils and flavors.

2 reviews for Revive: CBDP Transdermal Spray

  1. Steven Davis (verified owner)

    Foreward: I make comparison to medication use and this product and want it made clear I’m no doctor and this is simply an anecdotal report. Talk to your doctor before replacing medication with this product (especially SSRI’s as use of both at the same time can risk Serotonin Syndrome)

    I bought this product solely based on the blog post made by J.C Dyer about how the spray was able to calm them down tremendously and the effects were able to last for quite some time. I’ve used medication in the past for stabilizing my mood and reducing anxious feelings. I’ve read about how cbd has anxiety and anti-depressant effects, but the spray showed me how strong those claims were. I never used it when in an aggrevated mood like Dyer did, but I did start my day with it and I found it affected me much the same way an SSRI does. I couldn’t really focus on a negative experience or thought long enough to be bothered which is in contrast to my anxiety-driven hyperfixiation that usually occurs. Additionally, whenever a fresh negative experience occurred I found myself bummed or disappointed, but I quickly recovered or didn’t feel much about the issue. It’s like my negative feelings were muted or missing, but since I’m so used to the reaction, it feels like an empty spot where an emotion should be. Thankfully, the positive side of my emotions don’t seem to be stunted in the same fashion as I had experienced with SSRI’s which, along with a more intimate side effect many who have used them will likely have experienced, was a contributing factor for why I quit my use of them. Another factor I enjoyed is that the effects seem to be activated far quicker and I plan on looking into whether it has a lingering effect, meaning I can use less per application over time as the chemical stays in my bloodstream as I’m very interested in maintaining use of this product as a self-medication.

    I would recommend this if you also deal with anxiety or depressive issues and be sure to discuss it with your doctor to be safe.

  2. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I purchased this product based on the initial blog post.

    I used the product as described in the blog. I’ve used it a few times with no effects from it. I may need to use more. I used in the area of my arms that I know my vessels are most superficial so the product can be most effective. Maybe with continued and increased used I will see a difference.

    I have purchased multiple other products thru Alpine dispensary and have not been disappointed. Great products.

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