THC Delta 8 Moon Bats

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33.41% THC Delta 8 43.14% Total Cannabinoid 1.2g Moon Bat. The perfect companion for any hitchhiker traveling through the Galaxy. This is no ordinary THC ∆8 PreRoll by any means. We fill them with THC ∆8 Caviar, paint them with THC ∆8 distillate, and rolled in CBG kief. The Caviar is CBD flower soaked in THC ∆8 distillate and set to dry for a short period of time. You are destined to enter orbit with your pinky out when you get on board with our Moon Bats.


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Indica Wedding Cake, Hybrid Berry Gelato, Sativa Cookies


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12 reviews for THC Delta 8 Moon Bats

  1. Danielle Sitton (verified owner)

    Wonderful high, berry gelato is a nice mellow high

  2. Justin Cornelius (verified owner)

    LOVED it! The taste and quality truly make this one of my faves!!

  3. Mekalia Stephens (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the moon bats! Awesome products! Highly recommend!

  4. Jules Sanchez (verified owner)

    I got the Indica Wedding cake strain and it’s official! Got a legit and great high off this one. This will be my go to!

  5. Abby Brooks (verified owner)

    Tasted and smelled delicious. Took about 5 min to kick in and I was relaxed!

  6. Benton brady (verified owner)

    10 out of 10 it’s a all day mellow kind of high makes me chill after two hits

  7. Connie Ludgate (verified owner)

    I don’t usually leave a review on products. However, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the affects of this product. I absolutely love the moon bats and will purchase them again.

  8. Old Head (verified owner)

    I got the hybrid, first fire-up is a like a brush fire :), heavy smoke, with that said the smoke was very smooth, slow burning, very sticky and only takes about 5 or 6 hits and good to go, it took two days to finish it…I would suggest this for the heavy hitters

  9. Lisa D’Alessandro (verified owner)

    All about the cookies!

  10. Eric Akers (verified owner)

    I could hardly bring myself to smoke this rolled work of art, but once I did, I was on my way to the moon with this. This might be the best thing I’ve smoked from alpine (I’ve tried a lot). The description was on point. I ordered the cookies and wasnt disappointed. Already ordered my replacement 😁

    • Alpine D

      Thanks Eric! The Moon Bats are just as efficient as they are visually stunning. Glad to hear you reached the desired results!

  11. ppsmithsr (verified owner)

    Love the moon bats. Took me to the moon and back.

  12. saddlemefancy (verified owner)

    I liked it but think I personally prefer the moon rocks

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