Unrefined Menthol CBD Salve/Topical (Ice) – 1200mg


Inspired by the needs of competitive athletes and chronic discomfort sufferers, FTP is raising the bar for unrefined hemp-derived topicals once again.

This invigorating embrocation combines the nerves-coated-in-butter goodness of

UNREFINED full-spectrum CBD with the proven cooling power of peppermint essential oil and USP-grade MENTHOL, in comparable concentration to what you’d find in over-the-counter topicals. We’ve basically rolled two great products into one delightful, minty-fresh, powerfully potent prescription-free discomfort-relief punch!

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Pricing Information

We are able to offer better deals on our products with higher MG count. See pricing table below:

Ice 600 = 10.8 ¢/mg
Ice 1200 = 7.91 ¢/mg (This Product)


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