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On May 31, 2021, I sat down with Josh Garrison, CEO of Alpine Dispensary and four other members of our staff to puff down on our THCP prototype cartridge. Our first podcast is based on experiences from a 12mg THCP prototype cartridge. Over two months have passed and we now have 24mg THCP cartridges packaged and up for sale. During the time in between, I’ve thoroughly tested our 24mg THCP cartridges. Jack Herer, Lemon Diesel, and Skywalker OG are our current terpene profiles.

What is THCP?

One key to understanding the product we are selling is that it is delivered in micrograms not milligrams. Alpine Dispensary’s THCP cartridges are set at 24 milligrams THCP, that translates to 24,000 micrograms. The potency of our carts reflect what we feel is a safe level to begin this experiment. We set the carts at the 24mg/g level so that it would not overwhelm people. The option to overindulge is always there of course; we all know that if you want to get a little bit higher or make it last longer, simply take another toke. What is different with THCP is that it takes a long time to feel the full implications of that toke. The binding affinity for the CB1 receptor is estimated at 300 times stronger than THC ∆9. Because the molecular arrangement and shape of the THCP molecule more closely matches the shape of the CB1 receptor than a THC ∆9 molecule, the THCP molecule fits tighter and holds on longer. I think of binding affinity as more of a surface contact or traction thing. Binding affinity does not necessarily constitute an assured overwhelming psychoactive effect for everyone, but it does signify the potential for such an episode to occur.

For a numerical comparison, 1mg THCP = 33.33mg THC ∆9. Our THCP cart will not get you 33 times higher. We used 1/33rd as much to get relatively the same psychoactive effects as an 800 mg/g THC ∆9 cart. Another fundamentally important thing to understand is that THCP is an entirely different molecule than THC ∆9, THC ∆8, CBD or CBG. For example, we know that THC comes from the same stem molecule as CBD, they are like siblings. THCP is one of the earliest precursors to the cannabinoids that morph out of CBG. Like Josh said one day, “I wish we could call it XYZP” so that people don’t even compare it to ∆8 or ∆9 THC. The point being, this is a different type of molecule. If you do choose to overindulge, consider that THCP builds slowly and lasts a long time. A long time has meant days not hours for some people, keyword—moderation. We know that THCP is relatively safe to consume because we’ve been consuming it in whole plant medicines. What is different here is that we are now using concentrated amounts. I have no fear using THCP at this point because I know to take it slow.

What Does THCP Feel Like?

I’ve used cannabis for nearly 30 years and extensively used psychedelics in my twenties. THCP feels like a combination of the two. The walls did not appear to melt down around me or anything like that when I vaped THCP, but I did notice some psychedelic properties. THCP is more like microdosing than having complete ego identity disruption. For example, two days after my initial THCP experience, I was riding down the road and asked the other person in the car to make sure that the reflectors in the middle of the road were only white. Only after did I confess, I was seeing an extra blue one in between the white ones as we traveled. That day I had used other cannabinoids in combination with the THCP and had a cocktail at dinner. The results deviated from my typical experience when I added a few tokes of THCP before or after. I see more color and visual effects, especially in lights reflecting off of water, the ripples creating prismatic refraction and blended hues from the landscape. These enhancements seem to linger on for a few days after consuming THCP in heavier quantities when reactivation by other cannabinoids occurs. Also, a few of us have learned the hard way that THCP intensifies the effects of alchohol. I haven’t been using THCP daily. On my days off though, I’ve been laying into it hard and staying close to home.

What Are The Effects of THCP?

The effects of THCP go beyond the subtle light show. I’ve experienced a heightened awareness similar to the “flow states” acheived from micro-dosing psychedelics, meditation or zen activities. In a flow state the body and mind link up in rhythmic union with a singular focus. Time seems to slow down, the senses tune in to minute details at the same time the perception broadens to the macro. In moments of heightened awareness on THCP, it’s as if I can see my life from far above. My patterns, my habits, the different stages of self and life that I’ve traveled through past and present and how it’s all connected to the now. All of these thoughts emerge as daydreams playing out in my mind’s eye. Self-analysis is medication for the soul and one of the most beneficial aspects of Cannabis. THCP stimulates the type of mental work that leads to clarity and solid decision making. We often talk about how Cannabis can heal and help the body, it does it by waking up the mind. I know that’s a bold opinion, but I’ve seen it play out in front of me. THCP is a powerful catalyst for ECS activation.

Recently, I’ve been doing some renovations on my house and some design roadblocks loomed over my destiny. I puffed on my THCP vape 3 or 4 times and strapped on my toolbelt. THCP helped me turn the tide and visualize a way forward where I had been spinning my wheels for months, well really years on a complex structural issue. I felt like I could visualize the weight loads and see the energy and pressure that I needed to avoid while removing and replacing the joists safely without the house falling down on top of me. I moved through the whole process, methodically and didn’t miss a thing. I looked back at my work and felt great joy at overcoming the obstacles and impasses that had stood in my way for so long. What THCP seems to do for me is help me sort out all the possibilities and move forward in the moment. It’s like watching God play Tetris; everything falls in perfectly and the blocks disappear before they stack up. Honestly, I’m sitting here realizing I have a lot more to say about THCP after taking another toke.

One of my main reasons for consuming cannabis is the way it amplifies sensory perception. For myself, THCP feels like a clearer more direct upgrade than THC ∆8 or THC ∆9. I’ve had some new theories about what binding affinity means in regards to THCP and other cannabinoids and what results from the docking of the cannabinoid into the CB1 receptor. What if THC ∆9 rattles around in the receptor like a basketball in a hoop that lands hard and pings from side to side before falling through the bottom of the net? What if THC ∆8 comes in a little gentler, like a ball that rolls around and softly settles rolling out through the bottom? With each of those molecules there is a little bit of extra space in the dock of the receptors because of weaker bonds. What if that space creates distortion of perception and leads to some of the undesirable mind altering effects of THC ∆9 in particular, i.e. paranoia, short term memory loss, etc. because the connections are erratic? My theory on THCP relates to the tight bond that it has, more like an egg in a crate than a rattly jump shot. What if this tight bond creates clarity instead of distortion because it plugs in to all the things? Scientist have concluded that the endgame of the Endocannabinoid System is creating homeostasis or balance. What if THCP is a new tool that rapidly accelerates homeostasis or even better, takes the mind and body to new levels of performance? I’ve interpreted a lot of reactions in my body that point towards that direction.

In the podcast Opening the Vortex, I described seeing a veil where the light from the sun was hitting the water molocules in the air. In retrospect, I don’t think this was a hallucination or simply a play on light. I think my vision sharpened to the point where I could see the particles in the air. On another day, I was outside in my backyard. I live at the foot of a mountain. The sun was setting on the backside of the ridge and had moved below the treeline to a point where a bright beam of light was shining from the mountain top down into the yard close to where I was standing. I took a moment to stare up towards the ridge. As my eyes followed the beam of sunshine, I could see the details of the tree branches and other plants. My eyes made their way all the way to the skyline behind the trees. Typically the objects in the forefront would then be out of focus, that was not the case. I could see the end of the tunnel and still make out most of the objects along the way. I could see them sharp enough that I felt like I could calculate the distance to each individual leaf.

The visual effects that I get in the darkness are completely different from what I see in the daylight. We know that enviroment plays a huge role in the way we perceive the effects of cannabis and other psychedelics. In the darkness, I start to see gridlike patterns emerge surrounding objects, they are subtle shades of color mostly in the red and blue spectrum. What I think I am seeing is electromagnetic fields that are slightly beyond my normal range of vision. I don’t believe I am hallucinating because I am clear headed and this imagery does not come in waves. It is either there or it is not. I do not see when smoking other cannabinoids without THCP. When I mix THCP with THC ∆8 or THC ∆9 these effects are amplified. In the daytime I see something similar, white halo like patterns around living things and then around objects and buildings I see crisper sharper edges with no additional vibrancy unrelated to paint color and heat waves. I’ve been able to see the heat waves roll in detail and the contrast in color and shadow is intensified. I imagine painting while on THCP would be delightful.

I’ve also felt these same types of increases across my other senses. My hearing is the most obvious to me. Sitting outside listening to the katydids, frogs and crickets in the dark, I can pick out the individual voices or listen to the collective as one symphonic mass. My skin has been equally sensitive, getting chills with slight temperature changes or on the completely negative side with bug bites and intense itching. In regards to taste, the effects vary depending on my hunger level. When I have a full belly and vape THCP I don’t get the munchies or feel the need to eat. When I have vaped it on an empty stomach, I get overwhelmed and clean out the cabinets. I think THCP signals the body to find what it needs at the time. My sense of smell also increases ten fold when I’m hungry. I left a bag of cheese open on the counter one day and when I walked in the house later I could smell it from 30 feet away. What if THCP is heightening the bodies sensory perception to gather more information on the stimuli engaged by the body and the brain? What if THCP is supercharging the ECS to respond more efficiently relative to interpreted real time contextual experience?

Whether hitting the cartridge early in the morning on my days off or after coming in from work in the evenings, I’ve noticed surges in my energy levels. My current regular initial dose is 5 tokes back to back, after that I’ll hit it as needed. I feel some initial effects shortly after exhale, none of them are intense and I don’t feel like I’m getting stoned at all, but I do get high. It’s more like my brain is dialing in my senses, similar to the way one would adjust a sound board to get the perfect sound. The sliders are pushed up in slow motion as if the brain is running down a checklist. The one consistent result that I’ve felt from vaping it is sustained focused energy. My body feels great too. My muscles feel loose and more powerful, I feel the bounce in my step. My steps have felt guided at times, like I’m being pulled around by my imagination. Working on my house or doing manual labor wears my body down and causes some of my old injuries to flare up. I could tell that I had worked my body hard moving all the wood and tools around during each of my three day sessions. My muscles were fatigued but I did not feel any of the nerve pain, cramping or joint pain that I normally do. I accomplished a lot more with THCP than without. THCP helped my brain and body work more cohesively in all respects. I still can’t define exactly what THCP is with existing language, but I’m thinking it just might be the world’s first recognized psychonootropic-deliheptinoid.

Join us in exploring the potential of THCP! Alpine Dispensary’s 24mg vape cartridge is only the beginning. In the near future we will begin to release THCP in a variety of different products. Stay tuned in for more information by following us on social media. We are now on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok. Our entire staff is trained to deliver accurate up to date information on our cutting edge, top quality products. Come to either of our two Helen, GA locations to meet and learn from them. We can be reached during store hours by phone at 1-855-420-HEMP and offer free shipping on orders over $50 @alpinedispensary.com.

J. C. Dyer, Mojo Coordinator


Article Written By:

J.C. Dyer

Mojo Coordinator

"Early in my working life, I joked with some people that one day I would make Mojo Coordinator an officially recognized job title. What does a Mojo Coordinator do? I stealthily and silently use my vision, intuition, diverse skillset and enhanced sensory perception to observe and facilitate seamless workflow, communication, productivity, efficiency and camaraderie."

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