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Alpine Dispensary is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Atlanta Gladiators Hockey Team for the 2021-2022 season. The Gladiators play at The Gas South Arena in Duluth, GA. The Glads are members of the East Coast Hockey League in the South Division and compete each year to win the Kelly Cup. The Gladiators are currently affiliated with the Ottawa Senators of the NHL and under the leadership of coach Jeff Pyle. The Gladiators are off to a 4-1 start this season and glad to be back on the ice.

Alpine Dispensary reached out to the Atlanta Gladiators to inquire about sponsorship opportunities and we were delighted to be well received. We are thankful for this opportunity to share our cannabis knowledge with the Atlanta Gladiators and their fanbase. Our entire staff is looking forward to attending the games, learning about the team and more about hockey in general. Hockey is a high contact, action packed sport! I found out to what degree when I attended my first game in person.

Alpine Dispensary’s liaison to the Atlanta Gladiators, Austin Trusty and myself received tickets to the preseason exhibition game between the Anyang Halla from South Korea and the Atlanta Gladiators at Gas South Arena on October 16, 2021. To get a feel for the Gladiator experience, we slipped down to the front row into some available seats. From puck drop to final whistle the tenacity and vigor by which both sides of the competition went about the game, impressed me. The endurance, the contact, the constant motion of the players and puck put me in a trance on the edge of my seat. Perched and amazed with my face a little too close to the plexiglass, I feared for my life the first time somebody got body checked and smeared in front of me. The force was so intense that it bent the wall and rattled the bleachers. I had to retrieve myself from the third row and do deep breathing exercises for three minutes to realign my chakras after the impact and I was only a witness. Cheap thrills! Fun for the whole family! Make it a point to go see the Atlanta Gladiators and we’ll see you there! 

The popularity of Hemp products containing CBD and other powerful cannabinoids is growing in the sports medicine community as the social stigma dissolves. Cannabinoids like CBD soothe injuries by reducing inflammation and helping the body to repair damaged tissue faster with no side effects. Cannabinoids play a vital role in overall health by bringing the body into balance and fine tuning metabolic efficiency. Join Alpine Dispensary’s certified budtenders on the concourse of Gas South Arena in Duluth, GA before and after the Atlanta Gladiators matches to discuss how cannabis benefits athletes, improves overall physical health and ask any questions that you might have about how you can use cannabis to enrich your quality of life. If you can’t make it to a Gladiator’s game come visit us in Helen, GA at either of our two locations or reach out through social media. 

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J.C. Dyer

Mojo Coordinator

"Early in my working life, I joked with some people that one day I would make Mojo Coordinator an officially recognized job title. What does a Mojo Coordinator do? I stealthily and silently use my vision, intuition, diverse skillset and enhanced sensory perception to observe and facilitate seamless workflow, communication, productivity, efficiency and camaraderie."


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