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Why Cannabis?

Why Cannabis?

Reading clinical studies proving Cannabis is good for just about everything and anybody can become a tiresome act. Cannabis stands out as a potential solution for many of the current quandaries faced by humanity. Consensus over the legalization of Cannabis has been...
How do I unclog my vape battery?

How do I unclog my vape battery?

My vape battery is clogged; How do I clear it? In the video below, Dyer demonstrates how to unclog a vape battery. Shop Vape Products FTP ELITE Premium Battery Kit $49.99 CBD Uncut Wax Cartridge – 500MG @ 30% From: $34.99 CBD Uncut Wax Cartridge –...
Achieving your Weight Loss Goals with CBD

Achieving your Weight Loss Goals with CBD

At birth, the Human Body is equipped with a system that produces and uses cannabinoids to balance, regulate and signal neurotransmitters that affect sleep, appetite, cellular production, nerve health, brain function, emotions, pain perception, fight or flight...

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