Jason Dyer

Mojo Coordinator

Early in my working life, I joked with some people that one day I would make Mojo Coordinator an officially recognized job title. What does a Mojo Coordinator do? I stealthily and silently use my vision, intuition, diverse skillset and enhanced sensory perception to observe and facilitate seamless workflow, communication, productivity, efficiency and camaraderie. I am above no task as long as it moves us all forward. Now officially @mojocoordinator, I’m living out my dreams with Alpine Dispensary.

My love of Cannabis led me to Northern California years ago. I studied under several different Masters of Cultivation. As a Medical Marijuana Caretaker, I learned about the many benefits of Cannabis beyond getting high and also how to interpret the evolving research on the plant. The emerging Cannabis industry provided me with the necessary resources to bring my knowledge back to Southern Appalachia and finish my education. Now armed with writing skills I learned at the University of North Georgia, I use my stories and experience to help people understand Cannabis and how to use it to improve their lives.”

Posts by J.C Dyer

CBD and Pet Anxiety

CBD and Pet Anxiety

Many pet owners are looking for a natural way to decrease their pet’s day to day anxiety, behavioral issues and aid with sleep or situationally to alleviate their pets’ anxiety related to crowds, fireworks, loud music and other holiday stressors for animals. No pet...

Methods Of Consumption

Methods Of Consumption

When people think of cannabis, one of the first things that usually come to mind is someone smoking a joint. From Cheech and Chong to Pineapple Express, cannabis use is often depicted by a couple of half-baked stoners smoking for recreational purposes. Although...

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