Balance: CBD/CBDp Premium Cannabinoid Sublingual Oil

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Welcome to the future of CBD. “Balance” our newest lineup of drops combine CBD and CBDp to form the strongest drops we have ever offered. CBDp is one of the rarest cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. What makes CBDp different is two extra carbon atoms which create a tail that binds with the CB2 receptors at 300x the strength of regular CBD. What this means for you is the effects lasting way longer. Made from CBD/CBDp isolates, MCT and natural extracts, these drops are completely THC free and have a very mild but pleasant taste. Completely organic and chemical free, find your “Balance” today. 


Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD, CBDp, and Natural Flavoring

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500mg CBD, 15mg CBDp, .5oz / 15ml, 1500mg CBD, 30mg CBDp, 1oz / 30ml, 3000mg CBD, 30mg CBDp, 1oz / 30ml


Natural, Mint Chocolate, Orange

1 review for Balance: CBD/CBDp Premium Cannabinoid Sublingual Oil

  1. Brook Sammons

    Usually I take 100mg of the full-spectrum CBD Zoids to help with my PTSD, bipolar depression, and severe irritability. Since using these drops, I have found longer lasting relief with less dosage. I’m now taking 50mg of these drops every two days because I’m finding the same relief as if I’m taking 100mg of full-spec a day. So with these drops, I’m using less for longer and I couldn’t be happier!!

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