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25.1% THCa Flower Hawaiian Runtz (Sativa)

(5 customer reviews)


From the parent strains of Hawaiian and Pink Runtz comes Hawaiian Runtz. This strain offers an energetic, tropical experience like no other. The terpenes Valencene brings forth a sweet, citrus aroma while the Limonene helps with that on vacation feeling. Take a trip to the islands in your mind and relieve yourself of your day to day worries.

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5 reviews for 25.1% THCa Flower Hawaiian Runtz (Sativa)

  1. nerakwallace (verified owner)

    Found this little gem after the sales person listened to what I needed and then suggested Hawaiian Runtz. This strain is great for taking the edge off of pain while giving me the little energetic push to keep going. Loved it so much I ordered more for home.

  2. Refair Wilson (verified owner)

    This had a nice stickiness to it, the smell wasn’t too overpowering, It was light. I love the purple colors that were coming from the flower and it was actual branches that were sent, which was nice. It smoked pretty well, but I’m looking forward to trying it as an edible I prefer edibles vs. smoking so as I get to cooking I will update you again.

    • Alpine D

      Definitely a very visually unique flower. Fun fact: The color of a cannabis flower can be affected not only by the parent strains but also the acidity of the soil.

  3. ppsmithsr (verified owner)

    Brilliant, relaxing and oh so calming. Thank you for a great product.

  4. ShawnRay (verified owner)

    Love the smoothness and how I can still function through the day.

  5. Chastity Nichols (verified owner)

    I’m actually blown away by how good this is! Is doesn’t take much all and I feel great! 🙂

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