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Doobie Drops for Pets

(8 customer reviews)


Ideal Re “leaf” for dogs and cats. Our customers rave about how it helps their pets! Our Doobie Drops are Rotisserie Chicken flavored, and available in either 600mg and 1200mg!

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600mg, 1200mg

8 reviews for Doobie Drops for Pets

  1. Bob

    This is the best thing I’ve found to keep my dog calm when thunderstorms come through. She must love the rotisserie chicken flavor because she gets excited every time the bottle comes out!

  2. Keith Tabor (verified owner)

    Our coonhound is 12 and he has trouble getting about, these drops help with his mobility and he is much more comfortable now, we really recommend these!

    • alpine D

      Love to hear the Doobie Drops are doing their thing! Older arthritic animals can benefit greatly with the way CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System.

  3. Chelsea featherstone (verified owner)

    THESE SAVED MY DOG! I have a 10 year old bulldog/hound mix. She has terrible arthritis, but her favorite thing in the world is going hiking trampling through the water. Randomly over this Winter her arthritis got so bad she could even walk a mile. Mind you, we were walking 4-5 with no issue a couple months prior. Anyways, I took her to the vet and all they wanted to do was upping her dose of sedative and jam her full of “Asprin” which will kill her kidneys before the arthritis does. After trying multiple Vets and getting the same diagnosis and treatment I took matters into my own hands. My baby has too much spark to just be sedated. Anyways, I know so many middle aged people who use CBD cream or oil for their arthritis, and they say they swear by it. Well, now I’m one too! My dog is able to 3 miles without a break, she’s hopping around again, and she is getting up and down the stairs with no problem! It’s only been 2 months, but I have never been so invested in a product! Absolutely worth the money, it’s very affordable considering one bottle last my 60 pound dog 4 weeks. I would recommend this for any dog who is middle in age and about to start their arthritis journey.

    • Alpine D

      Love to hear this is helping for your fur baby!

  4. MrsSinner

    I have a 10 yr old greyhound who is a nervous girl. I’ve tried different types of CBD products and even had a prescription of trazodone for her during storms/fireworks/road trips.

    This brand is honestly the first, and now only, brand we use for her. It calms her but doesn’t completely sedate her like trazodone will. After a few hours (generally average 4 hours) she comes out of her thunder pod with her tail wagging and ready for snackos!

  5. jmccombs (verified owner)

    I purchased the 600mg bottle. I highly recommend this product! I’ve used tried Benadryl, CBD edibles for dogs, and all natural treats for two of my Chi-mixes (4 y/o 14 lbs & 5 y/o 12 lbs) and NONE of these items worked for calming them like the Doobie Drops. My littles are scared of thunder and fireworks, with no intervention they shake uncontrollably and the panting is so bad I’m afraid they’ll pass out. Doobie Drops worked within minutes! It is amazing the difference this makes in my dogs, without making them extremely high or extremely drowsy. We are still working on which dose amount works for each dog, but so far there is NO PANTING from either dog and only minimal shaking for one. My husband and I were actually able to sleep through a stormy night for once without two dogs at our faces shaking and panting.

    I also used Doobie Drops for my dads 80lb 13 year old lab mix for his arthritic pain. He was circling in crying in pain and again within minutes he was feeling better – so much so we ordered a bottle online for my dad’s dog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

    • Alpine D

      We are so happy to hear it’s helping your fur babies!

  6. Leanna Hollar (verified owner)

    My dog loves the taste. It’s only been a week and I can see the difference. She is older and this helps her move better. Thank you guys so much for loving my dog as much as me!!!

  7. Sandra Avinger (verified owner)

    I have 4 pitties- this has been a godsend for us. 2 are extremely storm phobic, 2 have joint issues. Adding this to their food has been nothing short of amazing. It helps the scared ones relax, the hyper ones to chill, the arthritic ones to be mobile and happy. I will definitely be buying this as long as I have these angels. Thank you sooooooo much !!!!!

    • Alpine D

      We are so glad to hear your fur babies are living their best lives!

  8. Norm Millet (verified owner)

    My cat, Jafar, is such a little tick terd and is not kind to others but myself or hubby. This product totally calms him down when around others!

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