Mellow Bear THC ∆8 Infused Honey

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Cannabis is a natural holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals and mixing its properties with Raw Honey creates a new product like no other. We only use pure raw honey which is a simple sugar meaning your body will absorb the honey through chemical digestion, taking the THC with it. The effects are felt much faster and is stronger since it bypasses your liver as well. This honey goes through a totally different process than anything else on the market and is the healthiest carrier of THC compared to high fructose corn syrup or process sugar.

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300mg/2oz, 600mg/2oz

1 review for Mellow Bear THC ∆8 Infused Honey

  1. Tina Fischer (verified owner)

    The taste is pure honey, the effects soothing. Love a dollop in my tea!

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