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1200mg THC Delta 8 Tincture Sublingual Drops

(16 customer reviews)


Our THC ∆8 sublingual drops have a lot to offer with its high potency. Each 1ml dropper contains 40mg of THC ∆8 which is helpful in gauging how therapeutic you want to be. The release to the blood stream with a sublingual may take up to 15-30min to have noticeable effects depending on the individual. This is a great method of consumption for those who do not or can not inhale and tastes amazing. Available in four great flavors.



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Lemon Cheesecake, Orange Chai Latte, Lavender Vanilla, White Chocolate Boysenberry

16 reviews for 1200mg THC Delta 8 Tincture Sublingual Drops

  1. Dave (verified owner)

    Exactly what I have been looking for. Taking control of the dose with the effects I needed. Smooth, relaxing and quality.

  2. Tina Chelton (verified owner)

    Swift delivery and great customer service. First time trying Delta 8 and it has helped greatly with my anxiety.

  3. MD

    I haven’t had the flavor oil, but the non-flavor. It is great. 0.5mg is right for me. Takes up to 30 min to 1 hour for me to feel it. I hope they get the non-flavor back, bc I am sure these are artificially flavored, and is a reason I wouldn’t purchase.

    • alpine D

      Hey MD just wanted to let you know that our new drops are naturally flavored, and even have terpenes in them to help get to the desired effect!

  4. Jose Brewster

    as a avid smoker of THC and I not gonna lie….I was skeptical of this product. Especially with edibles and oils in general, it’s a hit or miss with me. But I can full heartily say THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!! I messed up and decided to put a little too much on a hot stack of pancakes……and well IT WAS A RIDE!!!!! 10 out of 10 would recommend

  5. pjverg (verified owner)

    Great turn around, recieved product quickly.

  6. Pat

    Alpine dispensary does not fail. Great products. The Delta 8 drops are the best. Smooth and relaxing once it takes effect.

  7. Allen

    Drops work great and taste is subtle yet tasty! Both Vanilla And Boysenberry we’re good. Not sure what strain each is would be my only advice, because some people prefer Sativa or Indigo.

  8. Tara (verified owner)

    This is some good stuff. Worth the price, tastes fine. No complaints.

  9. JoeyR (verified owner)

    Lightning fast shipping from Alpine and drops taste great. Takes at least an hour to take effect (for me) so must plan when to dose. Very smooth and calming so quite effective for anxiety relief. Will definitely buy again.

  10. Monica (verified owner)

    This product is great for its flexibility- you can control the level of THC by how many drops you take. It works fast to relax me and helps a lot with my anxiety. I was surprised how potent it is (in a good way!)

  11. RG (verified owner)

    Much better than anything purchased from a chain CBD store! Have enjoyed all my items from alpine!

  12. Christina Cordero (verified owner)

    So effective and easy to modify dosage…. We love these drops! Nice smooth flavor…. We get Orange chai latte

  13. Jarrett7Stephen (verified owner)

    My new favorite thing, I love the lavender and lemon-cheesecake.

  14. Jeff Miller (verified owner)

    It takes a long time to get the effects. It doesn’t seem sublingual, seems to be digestible!

  15. BC (verified owner)

    This product has helped me so much!

  16. Brian Farrell (verified owner)

    I like the oils better than the gummies. By the time morning comes, the oil effects are gone and ready to start the day.

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