Day Trippers 20mg CBG & 10mg THC Delta-9

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Searching for that perfect daytime euphoric vibe from a gummy? Look no further. Alpine Dispensary’s “Day Trippers” are that perfect traveling companion for day time adventures, rain or shine. The entourage effect produced from the specific ratio of 10mg THC ∆9 and 20mg of CBG will have you on the go with an ear to ear smile. Cannabigerol (CBG) is getting noticed more and more for its value for many different ailments. When you combine CBG with THC ∆9’s strong binding ability to the CB1 receptors for euphoric relief, you will feel like you’re getting somewhere with purpose.


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5 Count Bag, 10 Count Bag

13 reviews for Day Trippers 20mg CBG & 10mg THC Delta-9

  1. Kleeg2017 (verified owner)

    I’m very cautious on gummies but these caught my eye. I’m so excited to try them I have very high hopes

  2. (verified owner)

    Only takes half to have a lovely biz and a whole to have a great high. My new favorite!

  3. Jerry Davidson (verified owner)

    Fantastic effect with no dry mouth side effects. Finally found the one!

  4. Jessie McCuan (verified owner)

    Amazing after about 45mins feels like I just hit my pen.

  5. Mara Beck (verified owner)

    Super mellow – love it!!

  6. Melvin Bailey (verified owner)

    I was recommended your products by my oldest son. I’m a 100% disabled veteran with a whole lot of aches and pains. I’ve noticed some relieve since using the gummies! Hoping for more after contended use !

  7. Raven963 (verified owner)

    You won’t be disappointed with these gummies another awesome product

  8. Raven963 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great product to relax and get a good nights sleep

  9. kmykay69 (verified owner)

    Much better than I expected. Super relaxing. Takes about an hour and 15 min to take effect.

  10. jc (verified owner)

    These are REALLY awesome. They are prefect for relaxing during the day and/or sleeping well at night. It’s a nice fuzzy high. Blending CBG with delta 9 is incredible! I love this product!

  11. aecook357 (verified owner)

    I love this! They are my new go to!

  12. Deb (verified owner)

    1/2 took a while to kick in, but then surprisingly good! Order was quick and discreetly packaged which I appreciated too. Thank you!

  13. Benjamin Fuller (verified owner)

    Big fan of these. I cut them up into quarters so I can really dial in the dosage. Rarely do I ever go for the full 10 mg though.

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