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33.93% Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower – White Widow (Hybrid)

(72 customer reviews)


Alpine Dispensary’s THC Delta 8 flower is here for you. We’ve gathered some dank smelling, organic Premium Hemp Flower strains and infused them with THC ∆8 distillate. The distillate is interspersed into the buds during the preparation process vs. cheaper sprayed bud that is just a mess. The rich trichome laden CBD flower is super sticky all the way to the middle. Grind it Up, roll it, pack it in your pipe and smoke it, share it or horde it in piles to relieve yourself from the burdens of earthly travels and join us on the high road. Now available in 7g, 3g, and PreRolls. 

A sativa leaning hybrid, White Widow is perfect for daytime use. 


CBD Hemp Flower is derived by cross breeding Cannabis Sativa strains that are high in CBD content. An early harvest ensures that THC concentrations remain below the 0.3% or less THC Δ9 requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill.  Our CBD Hemp Flower is legal in all 50 states, third party lab tested, organic and does not require a prescription.

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7g Shake Bag, Pre Roll

72 reviews for 33.93% Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower – White Widow (Hybrid)

  1. Wanda (verified owner)

    Very helpful for relaxing and release the stressful day.

  2. Krista Schmidt (verified owner)

    This White Widow flower is everything! I never expected I would be so impressed. I’m old school..used to a heavy bake but this is 10 stars

  3. James Foster (verified owner)

    This is the absolute best I have ever experienced. The shipping was actually on time every time. This is the only strain that I will buy. Enjoy. P.S. make sure that you are going to be in for a few hours before smoking. You’ll thank me later for this tip later.

  4. C. G

    I am a returning customer of this dispensary. Ran across it while visiting the cabins in Helen Ga. In person customer service was a pleasure. They also gave samples. Ordering for shipping was seamless and my package came in 2 days time!

  5. Teresa Charles (verified owner)

    I love this product for my rheumatoid arthritis

  6. JOHN CARLISLE (verified owner)

    Awesome! This product is great all the way around! I would HIGHLY suggest it!

  7. Jessica (verified owner)

    Great for a destress and relax vibe!! Always SUPER fast shipping!!! Very well packed for safe shipping!!!

  8. Tripp (verified owner)

    Could not recommend this enough. Great for relaxation and pain relief!

  9. James Foster (verified owner)

    Just got some for my wife and let’s just say her back and hip pain is totally gone. She is all smiles.

  10. Annie (verified owner)

    I absolutely recommend this one!! I love this Dispensary all around so I enjoy trying each product when I can and I have never been disappointed.

  11. April Hilliard (verified owner)

    Awesome for relaxation and pain relief. Would definitely recommend

  12. Marya Moritzen (verified owner)

    So very pleased with first purchase. Fast shipping. So glad my friend referee me.

  13. John

    Awesome product

  14. J.P. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with these dense, sticky buds. This is definitely a favorite and I highly recommend.

  15. Hollywood (verified owner)

    What a stress reliever!!

  16. Marya (verified owner)

    Exceptional shopping experience. Quality stock and quick shipping are everything you could ask for.

  17. James (verified owner)

    Pure awesomeness. I am a cancer survivor which can bring bouts of anxiety. This product helps to chill me out.

  18. James (verified owner)

    Very happy with this strain. Doesnt give me munchies and eases my anxiety and depression. Highly recommend

  19. Katie Aucoin (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Shipping is great.

  20. HOLLYWOOD (verified owner)

    A great company and product

  21. Fanta (verified owner)

    This exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with how it helped me feel relaxed being I have essential tremors. I would recommend this to anyone with anxiety, sleep issues & tremors. I recommended this to our local shop also. The shipping was very fast.

  22. Michael R Hutchinson (verified owner)

    I have ordered from Alpine Dispensary twice and both transactions were processed immediately and delivered as ordered. The description of there products is spot. The biggest mistake you could make is to not order from them. Give them a try, you’ll be happy that you did.

  23. Marya Moritzen (verified owner)

    Simply the best product

  24. Erica Allison (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with the White Widow. The shipping was exceptional and very timely. I received it 3 days earlier than anticipated. I also just took a trip to Helen and went into the dispensary and the employees were great!! Very helpful with the questions I had. Also very knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be a returning customer.

    Erica A.

  25. Thomas Taylor (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered several times and have been completely satisfied. I found this place while visiting Helen. Highly recommend!

  26. B (verified owner)

    I recommend this for relaxation after a stressful day. Shipping was also fast

  27. Phillip Bell (verified owner)

    Alpine never disappoints.

  28. Goodman (verified owner)

    Great buds for stress relief. Stay home and enjoy the buzz.

  29. James (verified owner)

    Brain cancer survivor and this product has helped me immensely. I lean more towards something more alternative if it will help me medicinally and this product does without putting me over the edge. Thanks guys

  30. Elaine (verified owner)

    Very smooth and relaxing after a hard day at work

  31. Elaine G (verified owner)

    Smooth and relaxing after a hard day at work.

  32. Charles (verified owner)

    Great product. More than I expected and will will purchase again.

  33. Disco (verified owner)

    The past few months I have been having back and shoulder pain. To the point where I have pinched a nerve in my neck that is making my right hand go numb. White Widow not only took the pain away and release the stress from the day, but took the numbing away. Took the inflammation down in my body and I am able to not be in pain.

  34. Amanda Wolfe (verified owner)

    Was very impressed with this product, the best to date of all I have purchased. Top rated! Will be buying again very soon.

  35. kevinhart992 (verified owner)

    We really liked this flower hybrid and also the Sour Diesel sativa. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable with their products. We only live about 30 minutes away but prefer to have it shipped to our house. Very fast shipping.

  36. Kl9 (verified owner)

    I prefer the real real but this strain is 💯 comparable. White widow is all I buy now. Excellent customer service every time I go to the Dispensary and quick shipping when I’m home too baked to drive
    Thanks guys, y’all awesome

  37. Elaine Gee (verified owner)

    Smooth and relaxing

  38. Elaine Gee (verified owner)

    Enjoyable for relaxing

  39. Sherry pedigo (verified owner)

    Leaves you very relaxed. Eased tension in shoulders nicely

  40. April Hilliard (verified owner)

    I love to get the pre rolls and one lasts me several days. Great way to wind down

  41. Marie (verified owner)

    Very relaxing. Mellow. Have ordered a few times.

  42. Franco3420 (verified owner)

    Powerful product, fast shipping

  43. Franco3420 (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Fast shipping!!

  44. Franco3420 (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  45. MIKE (verified owner)

    33.93% DELTA-8 THC HEMP FLOWER – WHITE WIDOW (HYBRID) Try this one you want be disappointed.

  46. Kelly (verified owner)

    My favorite strain for pain relief that won’t complete knock me out. Love how quickly things ship too. HIGHLY recommend

  47. Mary Logsdon (verified owner)

    My favorite so far. Placing order for more today. Relaxing and calming. Do not feel dazed at all. I can do this and work

  48. Shannon Dykes (verified owner)

    By far the best D8 product that I have tried. Hits awesome and the affects last much longer than typical D8. As someone else said, I’m old school and honestly couldn’t tell a difference. Definitely worth a try! As for Alpine Dispensary, great customer service and quick delivery. I ordered on a Monday and received it Wednesday.

  49. Rafael Valentin (verified owner)

    It’s perfect!

  50. Amanda Wolfe (verified owner)

    Awesome product! It has helped me become more calm.

  51. Kevin D

    Stopped in Helen Ga and found this in pre rolled at their dispensary so picked a couple up and headed back to the cabin in the mountains. Smoked a half by myself in the hot tub and mentally hit a very great place! Great, great bud!

  52. TaimaBrewer (verified owner)

    Was blown away with how good this was! Top quality flower! I’ll definitely order again

  53. Bob (verified owner)

    Good product, fast shipping and I will order again

  54. Bob (verified owner)

    very good stuff, have gotten it before and will get again

  55. Regina Matonak (verified owner)

    So far this is the closest to the REAL THING. Better than anything else I tried

  56. Ty (verified owner)

    Crazy fast shipping

  57. Karisa Boyette (verified owner)

    Amazing! Love all of these products!!!

  58. Stephen G (verified owner)

    Flavor was better than I thought it would be. It works. Not for very long but it gets the job done legally. I’ll take it.

  59. Richard corti (verified owner)

    I didn’t believe this would work for my constant back pain, but I am a believer now. It’s absolutely incredible how it relieves the lower back pain I have been experiencing for years. I’m definitely a customer from now on.

  60. Matthew Brown (verified owner)

    Good Product – Does the Job – No seeds & stems like back in the ’70’s – And Most Important – The product is Safe !!!

  61. TK (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great product. Great way to start the day.

  62. Benton brady (verified owner)

    A 10 out of 10 for me helped massively with my anxiety will buy again

  63. Benton brady (verified owner)

    10 out of 10 helped greatly with my anxiety

  64. Benton brady (verified owner)

    Great for anxiety and great for relaxing

  65. JB (verified owner)

    Excellent hybrid! Relaxing, stress relieving.

  66. Old Head (verified owner)

    Even flow, perfect hybrid, calm relaxing

  67. copper29 (verified owner)

    This has been the best of the best that I’ve tried in the last year. Leaves you with a nice mellow, calm high in under 10 minutes. Lasts a good bit as well.

  68. Alyssa Clark (verified owner)

    it’s an amazing product, and deserves 5 stars for what it is. I was expecting the same intensity of buzz that their dab cartridges have, but was a little disappointed to find it really is a light high. Very enjoyable, and SUPER relaxing. I love the product I just thought I could replace my regular bud with Delta and that was my mistake. I’d say this product is perfect if weed makes you anxious and you have a low tolerance, it’ll definitely be a lot more for someone who’s used to a lower thc percent. Would recommend with those stipulations. But what I will say, is I wouldn’t buy delta 8 bud or dabs anywhere else but here. Trustworthy and reliable source, with good energy in the products.

  69. BenC (verified owner)

    Great product! Gives me eveything I am looking for; instant high, realxing and mellow. Out of all the varieties The White Widow is my favorite!

  70. Trey Hufstetler (verified owner)

    great product very relaxing

    • Alpine D (verified owner)

      Definitely the highest potency of all of our THC ∆8 flower selection. Glad to hear you have found relaxation with it Trey!

  71. Trey Hufstetler (verified owner)

    great product very relaxing and also very good for anxiety

    • Alpine D (verified owner)

      Thanks again Trey!

  72. jhopej16 (verified owner)

    Love this one! Definitely one of my favorites!

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