THC Delta-8 and CBD Topical Salve

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Alpine Dispensary’s THC ∆8 and CBD Topical Salve is the go to for arthritic pain, carpal tunnel, menstrual cramps, sciatica, migraines, muscle fatigue and so much more. Apply a very small amount to whatever hurts whenever it hurts. Our very potent, all natural formula, has an MCT coconut oil and beeswax base that liquifies when it comes in contact with your natural body heat and delivers the cannabinoids straight to the issue. This not only helps with the short term but also helps to heal these sore areas. CBD has has been shown as a soothing moisturizer for any kind of dry skin or irritation issues. You will notice fast acting and soothing relief shortly after applying.

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5 reviews for THC Delta-8 and CBD Topical Salve

  1. Mike

    This salve is amazing! It takes around 5 after putting it on and I can start to feel the pain ease back. I definitely recommend this for anyone dealing with arthritis.

  2. Donald Phillips (verified owner)

    Simply amazing, my wife and I swear by it. Fast acting, rub it on and in no time those old age aches just ease off! Love it!

  3. Sharon Kelly (verified owner)

    This salve works great on my lower back pain, and it works quickly.

  4. Larry Bitting (verified owner)

    Day it arrived, I used three times for my shoulder. Next day shoulder felt little better, so used another three times and pain went away. Now I use every day just once and pain has gone away for good. I love this!

    • alpine D

      Great to hear you have found help with our topical salve!

  5. Kimberlee Steele (verified owner)

    This is amazing’ I use this at night for my restless leg syndrome. I sleep so much better when I use it.

    • alpine D

      Glad to hear you’re finding help with our THC ∆8 topical salve. There is quite a bit of personal testimonies as well as research in to the antispasmodic properties of THC ∆8 especially in a topical delivery method.

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