THCv Weight Control Softgels

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With the combination of CBD and THCv (tetrahydrocannabivarin), our Weight Control soft gel is great for helping control your appetite, increasing metabolism, and promoting fat loss. CBD and THCv work synergistically to block the CB1 receptor to inhibit the “munchies”. The research into THCv is increasing on its benefits for many serious ailments involving communication from the brain to the body, anticonvulsant potential, and even THCv’s ability to help regulating blood sugar levels. Get control on your weight with ThriVe!


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13 reviews for THCv Weight Control Softgels

  1. Emerson Graciano


  2. JAMES Reagin (verified owner)

    Suppresses your hungar pains, kinda get a chill vibe from it also

  3. Deb Fink (verified owner)

    It seems to be helping with curbing my appetite and glucose numbers have seemed to come down some since taking this. Will continue to monitor.

  4. Annie Voelkel (verified owner)

    I just started taking them and they do curb your appetite

  5. Rosalind Smoot (verified owner)

    Def curbs your appetite and helps you feel full without any kind of jitters. I’ll def be buying more and make them a regular part of my daily vitamins!

  6. Diana Toy (verified owner)

    Sometimes reviews can be misleading, however, I didn’t even realize that this was working, no hunger pangs, no upset stomach, I find myself eating small meals without still feeling hungry

  7. Joan Brewer (verified owner)

    FAST shipping, only been taking a few days but can tell a difference with hunger and appetite. No jitters, will order again.

  8. Joan Brewer (verified owner)

    FAST SHIPPING!! Just started taking but don’t seem to feel as hungry. No jitters thank goodness. Will be purchasing again.

  9. Unlanders Joseph (verified owner)

    Only started three days ago however I’m not hungry, feeling relaxed and noticed more energy to do things around the house. I will be buying more soon!

    • Alpine D

      Great to hear the THCv soft gels are doing their thing!

  10. Jennifer Robinson (verified owner)

    Definitely can see a difference in my appetite. Some days I forget to eat!

  11. Joy Bartlett (verified owner)

    These actually work to really decrease my appetite. It’s only been a couple weeks so far, but I’ve lost 4 pounds. Will be getting more.

  12. Angela Simmons (verified owner)

    Thank you it was really good no it was amazing!! Loved it decreased my appetite by 10 fold. It works better than some medications.

  13. scsis1 (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Only on day 2, taking 1 capsule a day, and I’m not hungry. No hunger pains at all. My biggest thing will be remembering to take it. Will buy again when out.

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